Thursday, 24 June 2010

The new start

After a year of motivating , pushing and hoping, I finally managed to finished my thesis!
As for all the post graduated people, beside being released and happy about finally getting out of the university, skipping all the boring and stressful exams, they have to start to stress out about what comes next!
Some of us might be lucky to get a great position or at least a well paid job within their profession right after graduation. But for many others, things might not get that easy!
As for me - one of the many post-graduated - it's also time for me to figure it out, what should be the next step? But instead of looking for Jobs, get Interviewed in any possible company or institution - the expectable way of things - I choose to do things differently and start this new chapter with some more excitement. I decided to pack my bags and start the new beginning in a new, completely strange country - Philippines.
Lucky me, I am not the only one in that crazy plan. I was encourage by two young international ambitious and talented entrepreneurs, who also going with me on that adventure.!

So what is this blog about? Well - this blog is intended as a bridge for me to share my experience, my thoughts through the whole journey with my family, friends and all other interested one, who are curious and want to join this experience with me.